Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting Caught Up

I have been spending bits of time in my quilt shack. I have managed to put my blocks together of Bonnie Hunter's Cactus Patch. This pattern is in her book Scraps & Shirttails. It is going to go on my bed when completed. I think a nice wall of periwinkle or maybe burnt orange will be the right accent.


Pippilotta said...


A DREAM !!!!

you are making such wonderful quilts.

Have you got the mail, if not, 1000 and 1 thank you, for the candy corn, Henrik and I were totally happy. And for the magazine, if there is something I can do for you, please mail me.



Needled Mom said...

It is beautiful!

Helen in the UK said...

Love the colour scheme you've used here. I have Bonnie's book, but haven't made anything yet ... just dreamed :)

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