Saturday, February 28, 2009

State of the Stash.

State of the stash.
I know mine is not the worst but it is pretty bad. It was organized at one time. I simply ran out of room, so stuff got stuffed.

What is the state of your stash?

I am really looking forward to getting my quilt shack done. We did get an estimate from the electrician. So maybe soon there will be progress.


scraphappy said...

You are a brave soul to show the "before" picture. Think of how lovely the after picture will be when your new studio is complete!

Needled Mom said...

I wouldn't even dare to show the state of my stash!!!! I keep waiting for someone to hold one of those reorganizing contests where you have to show before and after pictures of a project. Perhaps that would inspire me to get it done! LOL

Dionne said...

Look at your lovely stash! How wonderful to have so many fabrics to choose from! Your Quilt Shack is looking fabulous, maybe by the summer you will be moving in! I'm terribly jealous :-) But very happy for you!