Friday, November 14, 2008

Middle of November....

Rosemary Eichorn was our guest at the guild meeting this week. Here she is doing "show and tell" for a quilt she made her new grandson.

Rosemary makes beautiful quilted jackets and vests. We had a fashion show.

Here is Barbara and yours truly, modeling her clothing.

This is Chris with another original design.

I went to a Neuroimmunology seminar over the weekend and it was fabulous. I am really enjoying what I learned in the class and am applying it to my patient's care. Really fun, I have a new fire in my practice. Check out my other blog I started this blog a while ago but was not inspired to keep it up. It couldn't be as fun as quilting and my kids. But if you are interested in health topics related to what is going on in my office please stop by.

Here is my friend Mikel and The Root brothers, Heath and Aaron. We are all graduates of the Carrick Institute of Clinical Neurology. Mikel has a successful practice in Fresno Ca. Aaron and Heath practice in San Antonio TX.

Then with camera in hand I took photos at the seminar. It is pretty rude to take flash photography during the presentation and the photos of the crowd were pretty uninteresting. But I am glad to show you what was keeping me fueled up. Water and a grapefruit. Food gets really boring when you are at a nutritional seminar for doctors. Hardly anyone touched the candy dishes; I would have if the paper didn't crumple so loudly!

Lunchtime at the Chinese restaurant. I love the way the sun made the colors glow. This last picture were inspired by Chris at Pink Picket Fence.

The pictures she posts on her blog are always so wonderfully artsy. I am trying to have more of an eye.

No progress on the quilt shack. Sigh.


Andee said...

I have made that Love Beads quilt too. My son wanted it in red and black. It is awesome to look at in any color!

Dionne said...

Wonderful quilt, and nice pictures!

belinda said...

looks like a great meeting with great projects and quilts!! i notice a new blog banner???...the little house is adorable!!!