Thursday, November 6, 2008


Pizza party and Soccer awards! Here is Alea and her soccer coach Dave. By the way he was elected to the school board this week. GO DAVE! He had lots of nice things to say about my precious darling.

Here is a regular day at the Lund household. The boys got new sweat shirts. They slept in them and put them right back on in this am. It was cold this am 42 degrees they wanted to walk to the bus stop I guess to try out their keeping warm ability. They apparently failed because I got a text that they were cold and to pick them up. I know those of you in the Midwest are wondering what they are complaining about. Babies.
It was snack day for Kevin's class and guess who forgot? Yep me. I usually make chocolate chip pancakes on the morning of snack day. I had to go the store. Fortunately there is a market on the way. I picked up the babies and away we went.

I made them stop on the way out of the car for a photo op.


Alycia said...

Cute Kiddos... Choc Chip pancakes? I am on my way....

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