Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little Bits

Today is a day that I am sitting at my desk watching the weather rain/snow down. Needless to say that it has an effect on business. I have a few minutes to update my blog. I realize I that my work here (in Blogland) has been somewhat lagging but I just have not been doing too much sewing. I did start Bonnie Hunters latest mystery and have completed step one. I am glad I got to that on Friday night after work because the power has been out all weekend. on and off yesterday and today. It has snowed more than a foot and trees are taking out power lines. It is still so early in the season that the trees still have their leaves.

This picture was taken on saturday when the storm was in the exciting phase and playing in the snow was fun. Eric is throwing snow balls and Kevin is hitting them with a shovel.

We are going to throw in the towel and change our Thanksgiving plans. We are moving the party to The Brother'in-law and sister-in-law's house in Fresno. We are not taking the chance of power outages spoiling the turkey.

I took some pictures of the family at lunch the other day. These are mostly for the Grandparents to enjoy and oogle over but the rest of you can enjoy them too.


Tamera said...

Goodness! Lots of snow.

We're supposed to get a big storm here, too. We don't usually have to worry about power outages because most of the lines around here are buried, but that really would be unfortunate as we're planning on a quiet Turkey Dinner here at the house.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Don Lund said...

Thanks for the new pictures.
Wow! You are having some snowstorm.
Hope you are not without power for to long.

Grandpa Don