Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

No Football in site.

For several weeks now I have been planning on taking the girls to San Francisco to visit the De Young Museum. There is an exhibit of Amish Quilts I would really like to see.

While crossing the Bay Bridge the the girls turned off the video player and the magic of the city took over. While stopping to program the Navigation system the girls asked to get out of the car and take a walk. While appreciation of the camaraderie was in order I plugged in Fisherman's Wharf for a side trip.
The Girls wanted to visit the Aquarium of the Bay.

So we did.My favorite exhibit was the Sea Nettle. This is what Wikipedia had to say about them.

"The sea nettle is radially symmetrical, marine, and carnivorous. Its mouth is located at the center of one end of the body, which opens to a gastrovascular cavity that is used for digestion. It has tentacles that surround the mouth to capture food. Nettles have no excretory or respiratory organs. Each sea nettle is free-swimming and can reproduce both sexually and asexually."

Who can visit Fisherman's wharf and not get Saltwater taffy? This is what I brought home for the boys, but, oops we ate it. Sorry boys!
The Golden Gate holds such mystery, (maybe because it is not gold?) We had to cross it.

Vista point was incredible. San Fran is truly a beautiful city. Especially when you can see it not enshrouded in fog. It was a lovely day at 59 degrees and sunny.
Knowing time was running out we went to the Museum anyway. We arrived at 5:15 pm. The parking attendant told us the museum closed at 6:30, We were in! The woman at the ticket booth told us the exhibit closed at 5:30. We were out! No too disappointing though. It just means we are up for another road trip. I did get my souvenir post card book so I can pick a favorite before I get to see them in person.

Had to show you How we spent Saturday. Watching Kevin play 2 soccer games in the pouring down rain. They had a great time the field was muddy, mucky and slushy. What more could boys want?


scraphappy said...

Too bad about missing the museum. It looks like you had a great day though.

Pippilotta said...

Sad, that you can't see your exibition, but good, you have to come back to this wonderful city.

The pictures you have shared with me, I have the feeling, I must come to San Francisco.

Is it far away from your hometown?

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful pictures. It looks like you had a great time. Oh yes....that taffy is sooooooo good. How could anyone pass it up?

I guess we are in for another week of rain. We so need it.

Don Lund said...

One never knows where a journey may take you.