Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Times A Changin'

High School soccer started with a game against the other HS in town. Our team are the Popsicles (ooops)...I mean the Bears. Eric did very well. There are 24 kids for both Varsity and JV so they may have to cut the JV team. That would be sad. This being my first HS game in many many years I was surprised to learn that I needed to pay 5$ to get in to see my son play. I had to go back to my car and collect coins out of the ashtray. Fortunately I had enough, Ill have to keep a fortune in small bills in my glove compartment for future games.

Guess who made dinner tonight. You are looking at them. Nicole helped Jeff make corn and bean salad and Eric made Flat Chicken Cordon Bleu, Pilaf and Green beans. He has Home Ec. (oops) I mean Foods in school. Half of the class requirement is making dinner at home. Tonight included some much needed Father/Son bonding time over a broiler pan.
Went to the post office and saw these lovely flowers. So lovely in fact that I went to the fabric store and got matching fabric

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Don Lund said...

I would eat what Eric and Nicole cook.