Saturday, July 18, 2009

We Have A Winner!

We have a winner! The kids were so excited about pulling the winning ticket. If you remember they were selling raffle tickets for Double Delight to raise money for camp. Kevin got to pull and Nicole got to read the winners name. The Drum Roll please..... Ms. Terrie Miller is the winner! Congratulations Terrie. Yes, I was sure to put tickets in the drawing for everyone of my blog friends that bought them. Thank you all for supporting us.

On a different note our summer has been busy.

Kevin has been taking Guitar lessons. His teacher said he was an expert beginner. Alea has been taking piano lessons too. I cant get a picture of her practicing because she doesn't do it.
My bucket garden is coming along nicely. Will cucumbers ruin the roof?

I think I will have a tomato salad today.

Still making those Geese. 28 more to go.

Here are some on the blocks. If you turn your head sideways you can see them better. I tried to upload this picture twice, it wants to be sideways.