Thursday, March 26, 2009

Geese In The Forest

I started a long term project and it is called Geese in the Forest. It is a free BOM at Twittletails. It is paper pieced with freezer paper. They have a nice tutorial on their site. I put an icon in the sidebar that will take you there. I learned about it here at Tallgrass Prairie Studio.

This has been how i have been spending most of my time lately. DH got me a textbook that I have been longing for (sounds sick hu?). It is very useful and I get a lot of good information out of it. However it still has that textbook quality of inducing spontaneous sleep.

I went running around the other day and this was my companion. He was not sure why I had to pull over and take pictures of the Daffodils. He didn't quite get that it was so I can share with you all.


Don Lund said...

Great picture of Kevin.
The daffodils look even better in their natural state. We have had a bunch in a vase in our kitchen.
See all of you soon.


Grandpa Don

Dionne said...

Oh, what a lovely day! I remember when I lived in Sacramento, and drove up to Grass Valley for work every day ~ those wonderful daffodils! I had forgotten about that completely until I saw your picture!