Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whats Going On

I took this photo on Monday morning as I walked my way down the driveway to the car. It gets very slippery on our driveway with 6 inches of snow. We live where there is a lot of elevation change so snow here is clear there. I wish I could have snow days like the school does, but I have appointments to get to. I did skip the gym this day.

Here is my walking companion Tina. She was hoping for a real walk. She is a free range dog so she could go if she wanted to.

Today I am "Mom Of The Year"! I took the boys to our local ski resort, Dodge Ridge. It is 45 minutes from driveway to parking lot. We got there at noon and they snowboarded Until 3 for the discounted price of opening weekend.

There was nobody there! Well, hardly anybody anyway. I took my books and was preparing fun stuff for work. I am getting ready to do a group cleanse and detox class for the new year.

We got home to yummy chicken and rice and bean soup that DH made from scratch. He is the best DH ever. The best cook too.

Here is the newest addition to our family. This is Magheera or Bagheera or something like that. There seems to be some disagreement on what his name is, maybe well just call him Gheera. He was our neighbors cat that didn't make the move with them. Monday he has an appointment to get altered (We'll just say "tutored" so he doesn't get suspicious). He is a very good natured cat that is not the least bit intimidated by the dog, the kids, or all the activity going on all the time.Oops, we have a dear girl who does not feel well. She has the best bed in the house by the fire.
She woke from her nap and feels okay now.

The family is watching a movie and I am going to work on my Wonkey log cabin. What is going on at your house?


Jane said...

Hi! The picture of the snow is beautiful! I live in Magnolia,TX and we get light snow maybe once every 10 years or so. As a matter of fact we did get some snow about 2 weeks ago! It was awsome. I work with special needs students and it was so much fun to watch them enjoy the snow. I am curious what is a free range dog??? I have never heard that term before. I love your blog and quilts. ;o) Jane

Dionne said...

It's been snowing non-stop around here... but probably a bit more expected where I am!
I hope you and your family have the happiest of holidays and a Happy new year as well!